Vishwaniketan Incubation Center


“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.”- Peter Drucker

Encouraging innovation and inspiring our students, teachers and all who associate with us to think outside the box has always been Vishwaniketan’s forte. We aim to combine our Business Labs, Technical expertise, and Internationally trained Managerial Expertise to guide our entrepreneurs and their business ideas. This incubation center is a one-of-a-kind center supported by business modeling experts trained at Aarhus University Denmark. Our vision is to promote innovative ideas, entrepreneurship, start-ups, and business modeling.  We aim to encourage students, teachers, and all who associate with us to innovate products and services and convert them to sustainable businesses. Through this initiative, we want to contribute to the ‘Make in India’ program and the ‘Startup India” Initiative. We want to inculcate the spirit of innovative product development, verticals like product, graphic design, and a business research attitude amongst our students. We want to be a growth catalyst to budding entrepreneurs and micro and small businesses. We look forward to consulting tie-ups with various academic institutes and business organizations.

What We DO

Our team is keen on spreading the importance of Entrepreneurship in young minds. We make sure that students understand what Entrepreneurship is all about and that they can start working on it at a very early age. We help start-ups who are keen on their product and want to launch themselves in the market but don’t know how to proceed. We help students who are interested in doing a start-up but don’t have any product or service in mind. Starting from ideation, implementing, prototyping, Introducing, growth, funding, etc. we help them with all we can.


In Pre-incubation individuals are trained on Ideation to create a product that is customer centric. Helping individuals with implementing the idea and developing the prototype of the same.

Have a startup idea?