What we do?

Setup Procedure

Our team is keen on spreading the importance of Entrepreneurship in young minds. We make sure that students understand what Entrepreneurship is all about and that they can start working on it at a very early age. We help start-ups who are keen on their product and want to launch themselves in the market but don’t know how to proceed. We help students who are interested in doing a start-up but don’t have any product or service in mind. Starting from ideation, implementing, prototyping, Introducing, growth, funding, etc. we help them with all we can.

Pre Incubation

In Pre-incubation individuals are trained on Ideation to create a product that is customer centric. Helping individuals with implementing the idea and developing the prototype of the same.


Incubation basically involves the registration of the company which follows with the mentoring and help at various stages of the business. Team management, go-to-market strategy, how to build on the client/customer base, financial management, hiring, sales, fundraise, things to keep in mind while raising funds, negotiations, brand building, networking, improving interpersonal skills, team building, perfecting pitch decks for potential clients and investors to be conducted once a month


Start-ups will have access to 1:1 mentoring with mentors who could be experienced entrepreneurs, seasoned investors, or professionals from government, corporate, and academia. Mentors will offer the start-ups e knowledge, direct skills, and networks that help them develop their own potential and capability to grow their business.

Virtual incubatoin

The program creates the optimal environment for startups to scale up by providing support in the form of Virtual incubation and helping the startup to grow by connecting the startup with our webinars, events, and widespread network of mentors, who are investors, accelerators, and industry veterans.