About Us


“Entrepreneurship is neither a science nor an art. It is a practice.”- Peter Drucker

Encouraging innovation and inspiring our students, teachers and all who associate with us to think outside the box has always been Vishwaniketan’s forte. We aim to combine our Business Labs, Technical expertise, and Internationally trained Managerial Expertise to guide our entrepreneurs and their business ideas. This incubation center is a one of a kind center supported by business modeling experts trained at Aarhus University Denmark. Our vision is to promote innovative ideas, entrepreneurship, start-ups, and business modeling.  We aim to encourage students, teachers, and all who associate with us to innovate products and services and convert them to sustainable businesses. Through this initiative, we want to contribute to the ‘Make in India’ program and the ‘Startup India” Initiative. We want to inculcate the spirit of innovative product development, verticals like product, graphic design, and a business research attitude amongst our students. We want to be a growth catalyst to the budding entrepreneurs and micro and small businesses. We look forward to consulting tie-ups with various academic institutes and business organizations.

Along with our academic institutes and Project-Based Learning Center of Excellence, we strongly believe in creating an entrepreneurial ecosystem for the young minds which will help them tap new opportunities and gain a head start in their careers.

Through Vishwaniketan Incubation Center and our Project Based Learning Center Of Excellence, we strive to contribute to the development of innovative technology businesses and entrepreneurship in India by providing our learners a global exposure.


Share technology innovation opportunities with staff & students, groom them for successful startups and hand-hold. Facilitate mentoring for funding, technical assistance, statutory compliance, coaching, and bring on the right platform for success!


Work with Innovation & Incubation centers of global partner universities and contribute to developing technology businesses and entrepreneurship in and around the society.

Our thrust area is the Design and Development of smart electro-mechanical solutions & devices, integrated with IoT (Internet of Things), BI (Business Intelligence), and Digital Technologies.

Core Managing team

Neelam Ma'am

Mrs. Neelam Kamthe

Sharvari Sane

Dr. Sharvari sane

Sameer Shaikh

Mr. Sameer Shaikh

Deepak Patil

Mr. Deepak patil

Deovrut Jadhav

mr. deovrat jadhav